Happy Mother’s day…. to all the moms of the world – Love from Thylane Bliss photographies

Tout d’abord, merci pour votre fidélité croissante et au quotidien… je tenais à m’adresser à toutes les mamans, futures mamans et les femmes dont le désir de maternité est présent dans leur coeur… à toutes ces femmes, je leur dédie cette photo… je partagerais ce magnifique poème écrit en anglais, car j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir assister derrière mon objectif à la trés jolie union entre deux êtres…. très très amoureux… et leur petit bout de chou, qui apprend déjà pas moins de 4 langues….. un mariage vintage, simple et international comme je les aime….

Happy Mother’s day !

A mother tries to provide his son with insight
into the important things in life
in order to make his life
as happy and fulfilling as possible.

A mother tries to teach his son.
to be good, always helpful to other people
to be fair, always treating others equally
to have a positive attitude at all times
to always make things right when they are wrong
to know herself well
to know what his talents are
to set goals for herself
to not be afraid of working too hard to reach his goals.

A mother tries to teach his son
to have many interests to pursue
to laugh and have fun every day
to appreciate the beauty of nature
to enter into friendships with good people
to honor their friendships and always be a good friend
and to particularly respect and love our elder members
to use his intelligence all times
to listen to his emotions
to adhere to his values

A mother tries to teach his son
to not be afraid to stick to his beliefs
to not follow the majority when the majority is wrong
to carefully plan a life for himself
to vigorously follow his chosen path
to enter into a relationship with someone worthy of herself
to love this person unconditionally with his body and mind
to share all that she has learned in his life with this person

If I have provided you with an insight
into most of these things
then I have succeeded as a mother
in what I hoped to accomplish in raising you
if many of these slipped by
while we were all so busy
I have a feeling you know them anyway
One thing I am sure of though,
I have taught you to be proud of the fact
that you are a woman equal to all men and
that I have loved you every second of your life
I have supported you at all times
as a mother, as a person, and as a friend
I will always continue to Cherish and love
everything about you
my beautiful son….

Veria By Thylane Bliss_

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